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Dr. Lawrence Berson is an expert Foot and Ankle surgeon. He specializes in Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine. Dr. Berson uses the latest medical technology with the state of art medical facility to provide his patients the best possible outcome.

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Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot & Ankle Trauma

Arthroscopic Foot & Ankle Surgery

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an arthroscope, a small, soft, flexible tube with a light and video camera at the end, is inserted into the ankle joint to evaluate and treat a variety of conditions.

Sports Medicine of the Foot & Ankle

Sports injuries occur when playing indoor or outdoor sports or while exercising. Sports injuries can result from accidents, inadequate training, improper use of protective devices, or insufficient stretching or warm-up exercises. The most common sports injuries are sprains and strains, fractures, and dislocations.

Total Ankle Joint Replacement

The ankle joint connects the leg with the foot and provides free movement to the foot. It is formed by connecting the bones of the lower leg, tibia and fibula, with the talus, or ankle bone.

Common Foot Problems

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